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I’m drunk and tired and I want more energy and alcohol

Jul 26 2014

Sorry I’m a lil drunk

Hi world




how many of yall reblog ppl selfies just because youre cool with them

not because you think they attractive

stop doing that, stop tryna boost their confidence over than what it should be cuz they might run into me and i will drag that shit right down to…

I really want round prescription glasses because that’s indie and my current glasses are ugly and don’t fit right

Me and like 30 of my high school friends are having a Christmas/Halloween party where we dress up like its Christmas morning and play spooky Halloween tunes and get drunk it’s going to be a blast

At the X Factor


Simon: I wasnt expecting that

Me: *continues jacking off on the stage*

me: trolls the living hell out of you just to watch you suffer


me: posts a lot of evil content