Xavier, 18, US, and I'm a Taurus

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a checklist of activities that anyone can do

  • spit mouthwash off a building thats over 20 ft tall
  • high five a homeless person but leaving a quarter in their hand
  • kick a pile of leaves and yell at it like your parents yell at you for sticking gum inside the tv remote
  • take a photo of something every color on the spectrum. more than 1000 or something idk its busy work
  • listen to a song on full volume and burst your inner ear drum
  • eat a hot dog in under 30 seconds
  • fart loudly so people can hear you and then instantly take a nap no matter where you are
  • ask someone their favorite band but while they respond inturrupt them and say they are wrong and that the best band is god and his disciples
  • flick people off with your ring finger
  • ask to take a selfie with someone but clearly never change the camera to face you and take a picture of whats in front of you, effectively confusing the person who was taking a photo with you
Oct 20 2014

ive never had sex but im assuming thats how it would go for me


you during sex: oh me oh my that feels good

me during sex: *makes robot sounds* system overload


i just ate a whole container of tic tacs im so fucked up



if i could skateboard i’d make up cool offensive tricks like “the 9/11”

Your fave is problematic: Santa Claus


  • communist
  • illegal parking

panda bear and animal collective are literally the same band there is no difference


david8hughes your *clenches fist* tweet is officially a meme