hey. yeah u. want drogz?


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This sculpture by Issac Cordal in Berlin is called “Politicians discussing global warming.”

Apr 15 2014

gonna waste my life until i finish all 8 seasons of dexter

I’m my 7th grade consumer ed class a kid I knew let out a fart that would be branded silent but deadly. I knew it was him because he gave me a look and when I, and the rest of the class smelled it, people’s eyes actually watered some even had to leave the room it was an experience I’ll tell you that

Have u ever had to poop while simultaneously harbor the urge to eat your entire kitchen? Life gives me lemons…

The mobile app fucked up I had to re install it twice now it’s all good


have ya’ll seen flavor flav lately

do u listen to skim milk hotel??



Untitled by Shin KwangHo, 2014